First blog post

This is the post excerpt.


My mommy has been reading pet blogs for many years and when I moved in with her I told her LETS DO THIS!  We aren’t that experienced in much except writing and commenting so far but we have learned a lot in the last couple of months.

We are doing this just for fun and will post a couple of times a week or whenever we have something we want to say

My first selfie

Here is my first Sunday selfie today ! I have tried to put a a selfie up a couple of times already today but my mommy’s ipad is just not cooperating like it should. We are just having problems attaching the photos and then they disappear for some reason. AND they won’t save as a draft either. I am going to try here one more time. Then I need to learn how to linky up to the other kitties and their Sunday Selfies. This is a final try for today

yay! I think it worked. Happy late Sunday Y’all!

My brothers family and dogs

Since it is the season I thought I might share my brothers photo of his wife and mother in law with their 3 dogs with Santa. What a great pet Christmas photo!

They are good dogs and great people! Although I, Patzy, have not met the dogs yet. My mommy has and they are good dogs and like to show off their toys and the middle one, Toby is kind of rambunctious. Happy Holidays from my mommy’s brother Russ, his wife Edit and her mom Edita. His wife and mother in law are from Slovakia and are wonderful people! Cheers, Patzy

Buddy Bud

I know we are late to this but I’d like to share this about a sweet boy that we follow. He was not doing well over the weekend but he is back home now and eating. He is getting along in years and even though he is doing better now, he could surely use our purrayers. And so could his dad, Pete, and everyone who loves and follows him.

With loving thoughts to Buddy and Mr. Pete, we will keep you in our purrayers to live a much loner and happy life.

Luv Patzy and Miss Juliea

The beginning of Christmas House!

The moment Thanksgiving was over, then down came the Halloween/fall lights and decorations and out came the Christmas Lights.Of course there is a lot of mess in creating something new! But I am glad daughter-in-law Crystal gets on the roof because my mommy surely wouldn’t. I’m sure she would fall off.it sure is nice that we still are having some nice days to look outside after Thanksgiving. No snow in sight here except for the mountains for those skiers in my mommy’s family. But they are sure looking forward to it though. Mommy’s brother and sister in law ski all over the world. Mommy could never afford that and she would be more of a lodge bunny anyway (not as athletic as she used to be).

My mommy and me would rather have Hawaii this time of year (only dreaming!)Isn’t it beautiful?My mommy and I sure wish we could live there. It is so beautiful.

Even when it is cloudy it is beautiful. And my mommy is looking good in this picture also, don’t ya think? From the 32nd floor in Honolulu – Waikiki Beach in September 2016! Maybe she can take me on her next vacation? Here we come …Hawaii or Mexico or ??


Mommy and I just discovered the funniest cat comic strip site – Breaking Cat News – www.breakingcatnews.com. My mommy just figured out that when they say ma’am to their mommy that it’s just them meowing to her in a loud but respectful way. Or maybe just yelling. MOL MOL. I could have told her that! But check it out. It is pretty funny. On a related note, if this was animated why do they call them cartoons? What do these clever and funny drawings have to do with cars or toons either? ‘ We know some of these are set to video and they play music like Garfield and Charlie Brown. But what to cars have to do with it?

So that was one of our fun discoveries and deep questions for this week. Does anyone know why they are called cartoons and not just moving comic strips or so forth? Young kitties who like to learn want to know. Thank you. Patzy

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

Today is a day to give thanks for all that you have and come together as a family and as friends and let’s not forget, to eat yummy comfort foods that are traditional in every family. I stayed home and watched and guarded the house while my mommy went to her mommy’s house and had a wonderful time with her mommy and sister and her husband. It was a small get together but they shared many laughs. I think they all felt good when they went home. What was really special is that my mommy and her sister have been estranged for almost 20 years. Too long to hold grudges and hard feelings!

This year everyone got along great and it seems like a new beginning! Mommy got a great raise at work this month and her brother in law got a great new job that they can afford a nice apartment. This is truly a time for Thankfulness.

And we cannot forget that I got a great new home with a truly patient and loving Mommy! Psst…I actually slept on her chest all on my own last night. I am getting so brave. And I am thankful and happy that she is my mommy! And that she gives me lots of toys and quality time and we get along so well. Happy Holidays to everybody! Luv, Patzy

Mommy’s gallivanting this weekend!!

My mommy has been out visiting family this weekend and here I am. At least she opens the blinds for me when she gets up!Yesterday she went visiting her brother, his wife and their three doggies. I will have to get some pictures of their doggies. All are super friendly to mommy and their momma, Edita volunteers at the Oregon Humane Society here in Portland. She is such a good human that it’s a wonder that they don’t have more than three doggies! They have their biggest doggie Colette who was a rescue from a breeder. Then they have medium sized Toby and little Benji the poodle that they rescued from a neighbor.

Mommy came home with some good homemade soup for her and a cool or maybe scary story to tell though –

Mommy and her brother Russ lost their dad early this year. As we were looking at the will and then mommy showed them my posts a doorbell rang. The three humans heard it but not the three doggies. Since when do doggies not react to the sound of a doorbell? Our angel Buddy would bark at the sound of a doorbell on the Tv. This is the really weird part though. Their doorbell hadn’t worked for like forever. Russ got up to check and then fix the doorbell and it was a totally different doorbell sound. Could it have been Grandpaw reading my blog? And they had a night recently where the TV and lights came on in the middle of the night. Grandpaw was an electrician. Was he trying to talk to them and mommy?

In other psychic/spooky news involving me! My aunty Crystal and big brother Russ are telling mommy that I start yelling for her to come home about a half hour before she gets here. Aaaanndd it doesn’t matter if she comes home at 6pm or 8pm. How do I do this? (And yes, I am a bossy girl, which sometimes goes with my calico/tortoise shell personality – and I do yell, I hardly ever meow.). But my mommy loves me just the same. I think my self assertiveness helps her be more self assertive and less quiet. Opposites attract you know. But that does not explain my psychic ability. Do you other kitties out there have this ability? If I were at Uncle Russ yesterday, would I have been able to hear that doorbell too?

Luv, Patzy