First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

My mommy has been reading pet blogs for many years and when I moved in with her I told her LETS DO THIS!  We aren’t that experienced in much except writing and commenting so far but we have learned a lot in the last couple of months.

We are doing this just for fun and will post a couple of times a week or whenever we have something we want to say


April Showers bring May Flowers – Or Hooray for Kitty Strollers!

Just a nice comfortable day in the neighborhood. Greeting neighbors and sometimes their dogs! They mostly ignored me though which is good. Mommy insisted this was a perfect photo opportunity at this yard. If this is still April, we have a lot more flowers to look forward to in May and throughout the summer. But stay away from Lilly’s – they are very poisonous to kitties.

However it was time to keep moving as the wind was picking up and it was only about 54 Fahrenheit and the wind was hinting at more rain. The upside is mommy put 1186 steps on her phone app. She is going to try to do this at least 2-3 times a week. She is so tired lately but I think she is not getting enough exercise.

So, yay to the kitty stroller! It helps your mommy’s/daddy’s keep in shape, helps you connect to your neighbors and the fresh air is good for all of you!

Chicken man!

This is a local regular that dresses in a chicken suit and plays the violin for donations. He hangs out about 2 blocks from me.

When I saw him while driving home from work last Friday I waved to him and rushed home to get Patzy in her stroller.

But alas, in that short 15 minutes of time he disappeared. I was going to give him a few bucks. After all, he has enough pride to do something besides hold a sign up to make a few dollars.

He is a regular in the neighborhood for years. Anyway, since we missed him we strolled a few blocks farther and got ourselves some yummy real Mexican tamales and a taco. Since the food trucks came to our neighborhood I have no desire for fast food Taco Bell. That is not Mexican food- it’s just fat and junk food.

It was still a pleasurable sunny but cool afternoon for both Patzy and I.

New Family Member

Unknown to me, but there will be a new member of our family moving in and taking up everyone’s attention. This is my human brother Royce and his fiancée Crystal when they first started to see each other. They have been together 7 years and living with my mommy and me all this time.

This is what they are bringing home in a day or so. Her name is Briley Rose and she is only a few hours old in this picture. What a pretty little thing.

But my mommy says she will cry louder than me for attention and I don’t know what I will do if she gets all the attentions!

I guess I will have to cuddle up with her warm little body and purr to make her stop crying. Do you think that will work?

Then my mommy might give all her good attentions to the baby!

Nah! My mommy loves me and she has room for us both. We can work together along with her mommy and daddy to make things easier. Right?

Luvz, Patzy

Long time, no see

We have been busy around the house and digging ourselves out of a lot of clutter so Mommy hasn’t had a lot of time extra to help me post. But it was a beautiful day today in the low 50’s and sunny so we took a walk to get her weekend tamales from the food carts about 8 blocks away.

This was the first time I actually came up to my stroller when she brought it out and was eager to go for a ride! She still lifted me into it and I sat like a good girl while she zipped me in. I’ll bet next time I will jump in it on my own.

It’s fun to ride in and look around and smell the outdoors. Thank you Mommy for getting me my very own ride!

Luvz, Patzy

Patzy moms crazy grocery excursion!

I went grocery shopping after work at Fred Meyer Clackamas as they closed my Freddie’s and it’s not convenient to go to another. Well, city of Portland has a ban on plastic bags and I need paper bags for recycling. So I asked for some paper bags. Not even thinking that it was raining pretty good.

So I get to my car, open the hatchback, and turn around and my cart is careening across the parking lot looking for lower ground. I run after it with my arms flailing like a cartoon character and it slams into a car parked on the outskirts with a girl sitting in it.

I yell “I’m so sorry do you want to see if I did any damage?” She looks totally startled at me and I start to pick up my groceries from the ground. The paper bags are mush by now and I can’t find some of my groceries. I look up to see if she is getting out of her car but she has vanished. I saw her at the light leaving the lot. All I can think is that I spooked her while she was planning on doing something illegal and let it go. I tried to do right.

So I get the cart back up to my car (which has been open all this time and kept looking back up at it). I think I have the cart positioned so it won’t run off again, but the slightest wind and there it goes again. Across a row of parking spaces to the curb and I went running like a mad woman again! This time it really hit the curb hard since there was no nefarious car in the way and groceries went flying across the curb, under bushes and maybe into the main road.

I sure wish I could get a copy of that video. It would go viral for sure. LOL. What a night!

Cold, cold, cold

After the beautiful week we had last weekend, all of a sudden we are absolutely freezing. Even though it’s not raining hard, it is a stinging icy rain. The roads aren’t getting icy yet but the might tonight. We would rather have sweet, silent snow! Mommy has to drive an hour to work every day and an hour back and the roads are very hilly. Definitely not flat!Let us pray for no snow yet and for the ice-man to go away!

Luvz, Patzy

December Weather in rainy Portland, Oregon – NOT SO FAR

So far this month, and it’s only the 3rd day, it’s been gorgeous! Cold but beautiful. Mommy took me on a stroll yesterday and we visited a tamale/taco stand at some food carts about 6 blocks from our home.

That’s not the taco truck, it’s just me posing with a late blooming sunflower.

She got herself a huge yummy tamale and a huge street taco for only $5.00 for both. I didn’t get anything to eat because I don’t like people food (or mommy says “real food”). Even without spices. Mommy says I like kitty junk food like Friskies pate and dry food instead of the fresher smelling more deluxe cat foods. I always just walk away from them.

Anyway, it was a beautiful day for a walk and the only part I don’t like is being picked up to get into the stroller. Once I’m in the stroller, I sit happily and watch the world go by. Don’t I look extremely interested in my surroundings? I really am! It’s exciting to get up closer than my usual perch at the window!So it was a beautiful sunny December Sunday and the trend is likely to continue. But wait until February and March! We may get really wet then. But it is beautiful and green and our skin and furs are moisturized naturally and we love it here! 💖⛷🏂 And the Holidays are here so spread some cheer! 🎉🤯☃️🌥❄️🎊🎁🛍💕

P.s. why is there no Christmas, Jesus or even Santa emojis on here to put up?? I guess mommy will have to look online for some😍

luvz, Patzy! Happy Holidays!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

We are thankful to be here and to be friends with all of you. We are also thankful for our families and that we live in a safe place with no worries about giant snowstorms, catastrophic fires, tornadoes and hurricanes. We are very lucky to live in the Pacific Northwest and put up with rain. But lately not as much as people think! It’s been pretty sunny for November. And the rain keeps us moisturized and the plants green.

Our hearts and prayers go out to those who are not so fortunate. Keep safe everyone and Happy Thanksgiving! Patzy and Miss Juliea

Touching your cat all over

To add to my last post about touching your cats bellies. They don’t especially like their toes touched either. But I have had more than one cat who had a claw that did not grow properly and ended up possibly growing into their foot pads. If I wasn’t able to touch and massage their toes this would have escaped my notice and could have become very painful to them. As it was, I could keep on top of it and have his errant claw trimmed before it got too close to his toe pad.

Touch your kitties all over and all the time. Make it pleasurable for them so when the vet does it then it’s ok. Your cats will thank you for it and you will love the feeling as well as your furry friend will be purring the whole time if you are doing it right.

Don’t touch your cat’s belleh. WRONG!!

This is a misconception that people persist in thinking. You, as a good cat parent, need to be able to touch and feel all of your kitties body parts. Their chests, bellies, toes, etc, your fur baby may be reluctant at first but this is important to discover lumps and abnormalities As well as bringing you closer to your cat.

The easiest way to get your cat ok with petting her/his belly is to stroke their chin and then their chest. Soon and sometimes even on the same day you can reach down to their bellies. One of the main things to remember is if you touch their bellies and they grab you with their claws or their teeth – DO NOT PULL AWAY. If you pull away, even slightly they will think you want to play and they will dig their claws in. If you freeze and say “No Play” or “No Claws” then they will usually stop. (Or will learn to stop). The less you pull away, the less they will try to play.

These principles also apply to touching your cats toes or claws in case they need clipping and/or attention.

Remember that in order to have a good relationship with your kitty then you need to be totally in tune with her or him and know everything that might be wrong. Being able to touch them everywhere will help in keeping them healthy..

p.s. Patzy loves her belly rubs and shows me her belly all the time. Of course, chest rubs come along with belly rubs too and she loves those. I don’t focus on her belly too much or I might over-stimulate her leading to my reminder of “No Claws Allowed”.

This also makes vet visits less stressful for them as they are accustomed to people touching and feeling all over.