First blog post

This is the post excerpt.


My mommy has been reading pet blogs for many years and when I moved in with her I told her LETS DO THIS!  We aren’t that experienced in much except writing and commenting so far but we have learned a lot in the last couple of months.

We are doing this just for fun and will post a couple of times a week or whenever we have something we want to say

St Patrick’s Day

Did you know that Cats celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and the Irish celebrate Calico and Tortieseshell Cats because they bring good fortune to their owners and they are lucky? So we are celebrating Calico cats for St. Patrick’s Day. We don’t want to forget St. Patrick who saved the Irish from all those snakes and made way for Calico Kitties to hold a top spot for good luck! (Not above Leprechauns of course). We wouldn’t want to brag, we are just happy to be honored!

luvz, Patzy the Calico/Tortoiseshell/Tuxedo Kitty with Irish Green Eyes!

Talking cars for Madi’s 16th Birthday

My mommy is taking over today but not until I say Happy 16th Birthday to Madi! Now that she is old enough to drive, here are some of the cars that were my mommy’s favorites. Take it away, mommy!

Juliea here: when I was 15 I took Drivers Education at our High School. They made us watch scary movies about accidents and drive simulated cars (kind of like you find at video game playing places) and they had us learn how to drive stick shifts as well as automatics. This was in 1975. There weren’t a lot of automatics around then. There was a very steep hill we had to master right outside the school grounds. It took awhile, but when I mastered it, it was the best feeling in the world! I could balance my feet between the clutch and the gas pedal like a pro. It was exhilarating!

When I turned 16, I wanted my own car and I accidentally found the perfect way to get one. I took a part time job at the local pizza parlor and my hours were 6pm to 2am on Friday and Saturday nights. My parents didn’t want to let me use their car for all that time and they didn’t want to get up in the middle of the night to come get me so I got this:

A 1969 Toyota Corona. Kind of a funny looking little box of a car. I didn’t have it long when somebody ran into me and totaled it. Funny thing is they brought me home the same car but one year newer. Both were yellow with black tops. But the newer one had a lift kit and Crager wheels!

Much sportier and my boyfriend jacked up the back end so it was like a mini-muscle car with much cooler wheels than this one. But my all time deal changer car was a 1973 Triumph Spitfire kind of like this:But it was very expensive to find parts for. So I bought something more practical, haha

What a dinky picture for such a great car! And there were a few others but those were my favorites and most memorable. And it was a great car. A 1986 Pontiac Fiero. Fun, fun, fun to drive and the little boys in the neighborhood thought it was a Ferrari! It had a moon roof that came out and drove great in the snow and ice since the engine was in the back and the radiator up front. It was very well balanced. I wish I could find another car like it! I also loved that it was a two seater because I didn’t have to drive other people around.

I now drive a Toyota Yaris which gets great mileage but is a boring automatic and just boring all the way! It might be time for me to buy another sportier car!

Miss Juliea

I am a psychic cat!

My auntie Crystal tells my mommy that I meow loudly for about 15 minutes before mommy gets home. But I am quiet when she is at work. And it doesn’t make any difference if mommy works until three PM or her normal 5:30 PM or later sometimes. And if mommy stops at the store and doesn’t get home until much later than that I still start my meowing session when she’s 10-15 minutes away. And she drives for an hour to get home.

That’s when my human brother Royce says “Julie is almost home Crystal, you better go move your car out of her spot”

When mommy gets really close to home I start running around and look out the windows. Then when she gets home I am so happy and run to our glass front door and then the window and back again! I won’t leave her side for the rest of the evening.I am so happy when she is home that I sense her from miles away. Do any of you have the same psychic connection to your humans? I think it is wonderful to have this deep connection and so does my mommy!

Wacky Weather

It’s not supposed to snow this late in winter here in the Pacific Northwest but it did this week!It shut down schools and mommy’s work for a couple of days.It’s pretty but bothersome.And mommy had to work extra hours on the days she could get to work. I miss her when she is gone. We hope this snow doesn’t come back until next year. But today we had good sized hail in between sunny skies. As long as we get some sun that is ok. But rain is easier to deal with. We Oregonians are used to driving in that!

Have a good week everyone! Luvz, Patzy

Today i tell my momma no!

Mommy was petting me and telling me how pretty I was and what a good girl I was and I lapped it up, purring the whole time. But when I grabbed her hand to play the bitey-scratchy game (because we all know PLAYTIME is the best time, especially when you are young), she asked me if I wanted a brother to play with. Instantly I said Mrmph really quick like and loud and jumped away from her! We all know that means “No way, no how and not today!” In kitty language.

So she said “I know what you want!” And she jumped up to play with me! Do I have her trained, or what? [As I snicker behind paws and also MOL]! So here I am enjoying my Butterfly from a Flower toy!Here it’s far away as I tease it to get closer!

I caught it!

I’m getting excited and trying to drag it under the rug now!

I keep trying to get it under the rug. I hope Aunty Crystal doesn’t see this because I am not supposed to play with this rug. This is not a Riffle Rug!

it’s got away somehow or did I roll the rug too far?

Anyway, I’m bushed for a little bit anyway. Thank you to mommy for playing and thanks for reading today!

Luvz, Patzy

Happy February!

We are sorry we haven’t been around much recently. We just haven’t found any inspiration lately. We are still visiting your sites and commenting fairly often but we have been busy lately. My mommy’s boss keeps going on 3-4 week vacations and leaving her in charge. He wants to retire she thinks sometime soon. She is being compensated very generously, but she can’t think about much other than work when she gets home. Me, I think about nothing but playing. So here are some more pictures of my first thing after brekkie toy! My Ripple Rug! This is the best toy I ever got!!Really it is fun, fun, fun. Whether I play by myself or mommy dangles toys for me, I can’t get enough of it. I think it would be great fun with another cat or even a doggie, too!

Do you like to play alone or with another animal or with your mommy or daddy? Enquiring minds would like to know! Luvz, Patzy

Corrections to blog posts.

My mommy had a couple of errors in her link backs to the posts about those gorgeous Galgo dogs. She kept trying to correct them but was getting frustrated so here are the links to our blogging doggy friends. You can find Avalon and her story on http://www.crittercottageakaacocophonyofsounds.blogspot.ca. Whew, no wonder she had trouble with that one! Even Avalon’s mommy agrees it’s a bit long. MOL and/or BOL,

Nymeria’s story can be found on http://www.itsapibbleslife.com. I hope mommy got these right finally and she corrected the previous post also. Many apologies to those involved. Mommy’s heart was in it but maybe it distorted her head a bit. It just makes her and me angry. But on to more pawsitive posts in the next day or two. Luvz Patzy and mommy