Rescuing Strays

My mommy had previous outdoor cats who would bring home their friends that needed a home and even sometimes their friends who had a good home at the neighbors but they just wanted to hang out!

She has also brought home friendly strays that hung around her work. One that she rescued was a male Siamese. Very friendly and older. Didn’t have many teeth left. Mommy got him neutered and he got along with her other three cats ok while she kept him inside for a few weeks while he got used to his new surroundings. He never fought the others and was sweet as can be. She named him Guido (old Saturday Night Live – Father Guido Sarducci skits).

When he seemed like he was adjusted to our home, she let him out. All the cats were indoor/outdoor cats (except they had to come in at night!). Our neighbor across the street had 9 Siamese cats and Guido hung out mostly at their house. I told the neighbor that if she wanted to keep him it was ok because he seemed happier with his own kind.

She kept him for many years and I would walk our dog every day and call to him outside their house and he would always come and greet us. He had no fear of our dog and I think he lived with dogs before. I was happy I found a good home where he was happy. Nobody can tell me that breeds don’t recognize and bond with others of the same breed or coloring. I see it all the time between same breeds of dogs or coloring such as Tuxedo Cats or Tabbies.


Author: Patzy and Miss Juliea

This is my life with my new sweetie pie of a tuxedo/tortie kittie named Patzy. (Short for Patches but with a Z to honor the cat who came before her, Izzy who was named after Izzy Stradlin from Guns N Roses. I named all my animals after 80’s rockstars back then.)

10 thoughts on “Rescuing Strays”

    1. If I can help them I will. It’s not about me getting another kitty. It’s about them finding a home that fits them. If they want to stay with me, I have o problem with that. In truth I was a little disappointed that he didn’t want to stay in my home, but he was happier over there, with his own kind and I still got to see him and a couple of his new siblings would come visit me in our yard as well as when I was walking the dog past theirs. It really was a great experience!

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  1. hello patzy its dennis the vizsla dog hay i think this is troo abowt breeds rekognizing eetch other!!! wen we yoozed to go to the dog park wenever their wer other vizslas arownd my brother tucker wood always want to go and see them and of korse sinse tucker wuz going trixie and me had to go too!!! trixie wuz sort of an onnerary vizsla dog yoo no!!! ok bye

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  2. EEKKK mee thott LadyMum leeved a commint fur youss’. Butt shee was so unwell last week….
    So mee wanted to tell you about Silky-Auburn who was a Chinchilla Persian (no pushed in face). Shee was a ree-gal lady kat who lived across thee road frum LadyMum with her 4 kat sibss an Cindy thee Sheltie doggie. Well Silky-Auburn ‘ran away frum home’ rite across thee road to LadyMum’ss. Now LadyMum nevurr saw her beefur an called her Auburn (the color of her fur) an kitty gurl stayed with LadyMum an Rebecca thee Foxhound fur weekss. Then shee ask to go out an disappeared fur a few weekss. Well one day shee came back an stayed sum more an then asked to go out an leeved. A few minuttss later LadyMum saw Auburn sittin inn middull of street! Shee ran onto porch hollerin “Auburn, Auburn get off thee road!” Across thee street another blonde lady was yellin “Silky Silky get back here!” Well a bit of a dee-bate ensued an to both Mumma’ss amazemint they realized that Silky was all so Auburn an lived in both places….Lady Cathy an Mumma became good furendss fur 5 yearss, mew mew mew…An thee street was 1 way so there was NOT a lot of traffick!
    Silky-Auburn lived to bee 20 yearss old an passed peecefullee inn Lady Cathy’ss house…
    How’ss THAT fur a funny fee-line story Lady Juliea an Patzy???
    ***nose rubsss*** Siddhartha Henry xXx


    1. Wonderful story. Cats have more than one family quite often. It’s great when the humans agree to this two-timing habit they sometimes take up. Then all are in contact with each other and know their baby is safe.
      Cats also have friends they bring home to meet their human families and they also adopt strays they get along with. Mommy has had more than one cat bring another to her home because they have no place else to go. Sometimes it’s just for food and other times they need a home and the comfort that brings. Such as sleeping on a comfy couch or bed and getting petted, brushed and talked to.
      Cats are very smart and perceptive.

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    2. Isn’t that just so sweet. Cat’s loves have no boundaries and it’s great that you didn’t think she was betraying either one of you. She was “sharing the love she had for both families and brought you folks together as friends. A very smart kitty she was indeed!

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      1. LadyMum sayss silky-Auburn was thee bestest kittygurl shee efurr new…..when shee lookss at her fotoss shee getss leeky eyess….Silky-Auburn was not onlee celvurr, shee was beeuteefull…..

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