Finding more family members

I am a bit of a loner as an adult (but not too adult) girlie Calico/tuxedo cat. I like to be the boss. I did have a big old doggie, Buddy,who was a lab/Shepherd mix, about 65 pounds that I got along with great.

But my mommy’s last two previous cats – Pepper and Izzy died within a year of each other and Izzy died just a few months before mommy rescued me from the animal shelter. They were very loved cats and my mommy is nothing without a cat in her life. This below is Izzy who we think was poisoned by a Mothers Day bouquet given to mommy that had Lilly’s in it. Or he could have been poisoned by other means such as pesticides, etc. this is why our kitties will be only indoor and leash kitties outside from now on.

This is Buddy and Izzy waiting for mommy to come home from a vacation. Don’t worry because Buddy is on his leash so he won’t run off. And Izzy always stayed close to home.

So now we come down to new playmates for me, Patzy!

Aren’t they all so cute and lovable looking?

Mommy says only two new kitties. I am both excited and afraid. Those above are some of the cutest available but there are plenty more at the Oregon Humane Association right now. Plus Multnomah County Animal Control has plenty of litters to choose from.

One kitty is a lonely kitty. Help find your local shelters new homes for their abundance of kittens this season. Plus there are plenty of older cats who need homes also, and it’s no fault of their own that they were abandoned or turned in to the animal shelter.

Luvz, Patzy


Author: Patzy and Miss Juliea

This is my life with my new sweetie pie of a tuxedo/tortie kittie named Patzy. (Short for Patches but with a Z to honor the cat who came before her, Izzy who was named after Izzy Stradlin from Guns N Roses. I named all my animals after 80’s rockstars back then.)

22 thoughts on “Finding more family members”

  1. I’m so sorry for your Izzy ;O( and isn’t that sad that we have currently so much cats who need a new furever home? but we hope you will find the purrfect new members of your furmily…


  2. Yes, that is why I posted this. Too many kittens and not enough homes. Plus the sad and lonely older kitties who have been at the shelters for months on end.. this goes for dogs too.
    People, if you have the means and the time it takes to bring in a new pet into your household, please do it. Do it for yourselves though. Don’t bring home a pet just to keep it outside and feed it. These are all future family members and only adopt if you feel the same way.


  3. Mee-you Patzy so many katss to choose frum….how will you an Lady Juliea dee-cide??? Thee ferst kat lookss sorta peecefull. Thee orange kat lookss like hee/shee needs ALOT of LUV an care….Thee other tuxie has gorgeeuss eyess. Well mee iss NO help am I??? Mew mew mew….
    LadyMum wurriess mee lonelee butt shee iss home more than out an wee are a good teem. But sumtimess mee missesss Tyerrone mee Brofur. LadyMum playss toyss with mee like hee wood an mee goess out fur walkss on lead so mee not lonelee reelly…
    An yur Izzy was luvley Lady Juliea an mee iss berry sorry Izzy went to Pure Land…..
    Butt yur here Patzy Purrincess an wee ADOOR you!
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

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    1. Wow, mommy was just showing pictures and you really saw into their minds. Can you come kitty shopping with us? Just kidding. I know you are nowhere near us. She needs to actually meet the kitties before we can select one.
      When mommy saw me on-line at the animal shelter she was intrigued but it wasn’t until she saw me that she felt the connection. The volunteer wouldn’t let mommy pick me up or touch my belly. Little did that volunteer understand that mommy knew how to touch me without being scratched.
      I really don’t like being picked up still, but mommy can touch my belly all she wants and I keep my claws in. That’s the first thing she will teach a new kitten – no claws no matter what she touches. How else can she give me tummy smooches?

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      1. Wow they are strict there Patzy! When LadyMum doess Furendlee Visitin at our Shelter they let her cuddle an snuggull thee katss…..butt mee finkss it iss bee-cause Lady Renee KNOWSS LadyMum knowss what shee iss doin. (An LadyMum rescued NYLABLUE with Renee’ss help).
        Say could Lady Juliea take you inn a carrier to thee Shelter an do they have a seppyrat visitin room so you could do a ‘meet an greet’?? Just a thott Patzy…..


      2. That would be cool but I don’t think so. Mommy thinks that they thought I would be difficult to hold because I spent time in their offices and they thought I was afraid of feet. In reality I was always in front of them asking for attention and I would yell loudly to “not step on me!”. Mommy understood me immediately. Honestly, they hire bozos who don’t know a thing about animals to work and volunteer there. They said “oh no, don’t touch her belly or paws”. Huh? Mommy knows who to calm me down when she loves on my belly and the same with my paws. She slowly tells me “no” while still holding my toesies. It’s when people pull away that the claws really come out. If we know you aren’t hurting us and are gentle, we become gentle right back. Of course this isn’t always instantaneous with all cats but works on most that mommy and I have met.


  4. hello patzy its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow all those other potenshul sibling kitties ar adorabul!!! i cud not posibly chooz frum amungst them but i gess if i had to pik i am kind of parshul to the blak and wite wuns sinse i git along so wel with my tuxedo siblings the hipster kitties!!! ennyway i am shoor yoo wil all mayk a big happy famly soon wichever wuns come to liv with yoo!!! ok bye


    1. Thank you Dennis! I think black and white ones have a great personality too as well as gray and white tuxedos. They seem the most mischievous and lovable. But for just lovable with little mischief then the yellow and gray tabbies are good too.
      But my mommy likes a little bit of mischief in her kitties so a tuxedo or two is what she most wants and would go along with me too.
      She would really like to find another kitty with the extra toes which work like thumbs. Polydactyl cats they are called. They are the cats of the future. With opposable thumbs! They may rule the world someday,


  5. You know your Mom will find you the purrfect furrend. It does take some time.
    I send you purrayers that you get the bestest furrend/sibling EVER!


    1. Yes, thank you! We know it will happen when it does. Why, one or two might show up at our door I the morning. Or mommy will keep looking at the local shelters until she finds the one (or two) who pick her as their new mommy.
      You know they let peeps bring in their dogs to greeting rooms to see if they will get along? Why can’t I go too to see if I like a new brother or sister?
      I realize I won’t really like them usually at first – but if I tolerate them and don’t scream overmuch then maybe they can tell we will get used to each other. Even dogs go through that jealousy stage.


    2. Yes, it does take time. Mommy found me on the Multnomah County Animal Control website after weeks and weeks of looking at all local websites. Mommy knew I was for her immediately! She went to the Animal Shelter on Saturday but it was too late to adopt that day. But we made a connection.
      The young man volunteer wouldn’t let her touch my paws or my tummy. But mommy says every cat likes this if they are approached correctly.
      My mommy showed up early the next morning to get me. When I finally came home, I eagerly awaited her “gentle tummy and feet’s rubs”. It was a Devine pleasure.
      They need to teach those volunteers what cats really like!
      Also they told her I was afraid of feet?? What a silly thing! I just yelled loud when I wanted them to follow me to show them what I wanted. I am very talkative and totally like Lassie the Dog. I want you to understand my words, even if they are not human words! And, be careful and don’t step on me too. But I am pretty quick about getting out of the way!


  6. Awww…they are so adorable, all of them, I can’t choose, I would take them all, Patzy, at least the ones that come to me ❤ This is a great post and we hope a lot of people read it and give them a furrever home. they all deserve it! It's really sad about Izzy, he was a fine cat ❤ Pawkisses for a wonderful day and Good Luck to find a purrfect match ❤ ❤ ❤


    1. Yes they are all special! And I would to like to take them all home. But about 3 is my limit now, both attention wise and economical. I want special bonds with my fur babies and since I work full time I don’t think it’s fair for them to have so much competition for attention.


    1. Well, mommy likes to think things over for a while, and then keep looking until she finds the perfect one … or two. Don’t hold your breath but it will happen.
      What’s funny is her mommy says she is impulsive. She definitely is not! She talks about and thinks about things for a long time and even lists the advantages and disadvantages before making up her mind. Is that what you would call impulsive?
      I would call it “Shut up talking about it and make up your mind”! Maddening it is!! MOL 🤪

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