My new favorite play place

It is the Bathtub!  Not with water (heaven forbid!) but with a loud plastic green ball


It is fast and fun and every time my mommy is in the bathroom and even when she’s not, I jump in and play!  Sometimes she bats the ball around for me and sometimes she is busy or not even there.

in the middle of the night she hears bwap! Bwap! Bwap! And dig, dig to get it out of the drain.  Then bwap! Bwap again.  I am having fun even when the humans are not paying attention to me!

i loves me new toy!

Luvz, Patzy


Author: Patzy and Miss Juliea

This is my life with my new sweetie pie of a tuxedo/tortie kittie named Patzy. (Short for Patches but with a Z to honor the cat who came before her, Izzy who was named after Izzy Stradlin from Guns N Roses. I named all my animals after 80’s rockstars back then.)

7 thoughts on “My new favorite play place”

  1. Isn’t playing toys in a tub fun Patzy? Do you remember when Siddhartha Henry used to play toys in our tub?? He would play in there all evening when he was a kitten…And he started again this year…it was so cute to see him tumbling about in the tub with his springs, mousies & & crinkle balls. Play on Patzy play on….
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen


  2. hello patzy its dennis the vizsla dog hay my dada sez yoo ar playing handball!!! i am not shoor why he sed that wen us dogs and cats do not hav hands i think he mite be getting a littel bit konfyoozd in his old aydj!!! ok bye


    1. Well, I am using my paws (and very deftly I may say – to dig that green ball out of the drain which is almost the same sized!). But my mommy is using her paws (er, I mean hands) to just bat it back to me. She is not even getting it out of the drain because she cheats and whaps it back before it can get there!


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