December Weather in rainy Portland, Oregon – NOT SO FAR

So far this month, and it’s only the 3rd day, it’s been gorgeous! Cold but beautiful. Mommy took me on a stroll yesterday and we visited a tamale/taco stand at some food carts about 6 blocks from our home.

That’s not the taco truck, it’s just me posing with a late blooming sunflower.

She got herself a huge yummy tamale and a huge street taco for only $5.00 for both. I didn’t get anything to eat because I don’t like people food (or mommy says “real food”). Even without spices. Mommy says I like kitty junk food like Friskies pate and dry food instead of the fresher smelling more deluxe cat foods. I always just walk away from them.

Anyway, it was a beautiful day for a walk and the only part I don’t like is being picked up to get into the stroller. Once I’m in the stroller, I sit happily and watch the world go by. Don’t I look extremely interested in my surroundings? I really am! It’s exciting to get up closer than my usual perch at the window!So it was a beautiful sunny December Sunday and the trend is likely to continue. But wait until February and March! We may get really wet then. But it is beautiful and green and our skin and furs are moisturized naturally and we love it here! 💖⛷🏂 And the Holidays are here so spread some cheer! 🎉🤯☃️🌥❄️🎊🎁🛍💕

P.s. why is there no Christmas, Jesus or even Santa emojis on here to put up?? I guess mommy will have to look online for some😍

luvz, Patzy! Happy Holidays!


Author: Patzy and Miss Juliea

This is my life with my new sweetie pie of a tuxedo/tortie kittie named Patzy. (Short for Patches but with a Z to honor the cat who came before her, Izzy who was named after Izzy Stradlin from Guns N Roses. I named all my animals after 80’s rockstars back then.)

10 thoughts on “December Weather in rainy Portland, Oregon – NOT SO FAR”

  1. I am Elsie or as my mom calls me…Kitty Kat…My mom used to buy me expensive cat food and now she only buys Friskies pate and I love it and Meow dry food…saves a lot of money too. Another beautiful sunny day but I’m getting old like my mom and want to stay in the warm house more and more. My mom bought me a cat bed but it will go to charity as I prefer just a rug on the floor. Merry Christmas.

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  2. Meow meow Patzy you look stunning inn yore stroller!! What a snazzy set of wheelsss…..mee mite have to try this mode of transport aftur all inn THE Spring. Wee have had snow since beeginin of Novemburr an today as mee typess it iss snowin again…..
    An a sunny Sunflower~~purrty!!!
    Stroll on Patzy stroll on….
    **nose kissesss** BellaDharma


    1. Mommy puts a towel over the top if it’s raining lightly. If it’s raining hard, we stay home. And this week the light rain is very very cold and it stings. So we stay home during very cold weather too. But a nice warm rain in the spring, summer or fall is ok. It keeps our skin moist and is why Oregonians all have nice complexions! Including nice soft furs for the animals. Sounds sensible to me!
      Luvz, Patzy


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