Patzy moms crazy grocery excursion!

I went grocery shopping after work at Fred Meyer Clackamas as they closed my Freddie’s and it’s not convenient to go to another. Well, city of Portland has a ban on plastic bags and I need paper bags for recycling. So I asked for some paper bags. Not even thinking that it was raining pretty good.

So I get to my car, open the hatchback, and turn around and my cart is careening across the parking lot looking for lower ground. I run after it with my arms flailing like a cartoon character and it slams into a car parked on the outskirts with a girl sitting in it.

I yell “I’m so sorry do you want to see if I did any damage?” She looks totally startled at me and I start to pick up my groceries from the ground. The paper bags are mush by now and I can’t find some of my groceries. I look up to see if she is getting out of her car but she has vanished. I saw her at the light leaving the lot. All I can think is that I spooked her while she was planning on doing something illegal and let it go. I tried to do right.

So I get the cart back up to my car (which has been open all this time and kept looking back up at it). I think I have the cart positioned so it won’t run off again, but the slightest wind and there it goes again. Across a row of parking spaces to the curb and I went running like a mad woman again! This time it really hit the curb hard since there was no nefarious car in the way and groceries went flying across the curb, under bushes and maybe into the main road.

I sure wish I could get a copy of that video. It would go viral for sure. LOL. What a night!


Author: Patzy and Miss Juliea

This is my life with my new sweetie pie of a tuxedo/tortie kittie named Patzy. (Short for Patches but with a Z to honor the cat who came before her, Izzy who was named after Izzy Stradlin from Guns N Roses. I named all my animals after 80’s rockstars back then.)

8 thoughts on “Patzy moms crazy grocery excursion!”

    1. I haven’t dared to look at the egg packaging yet. It’s still in the bag.. it was actually an exciting adventure and running after the cart TWICE is priceless. I can’t help but laughing! I’m sure I looked like a cartoon character waving my arms and yelling for it to stop!

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  1. EEKKKK!! Lady Juliea what a nitemare inn daytime fore you. LadyMew sayss that iss her werst feer when shee goess shoppin….to lose thee cart inn THE wind….
    An who knows, may bee you did scare off sumone who was planning to do sumthing notty!
    **paw patsss** BellaDharma an {{hugs}} LadyMew


    1. I thought it was hilarious! What a day. I wish I could get a video of it to post. Maybe the grocery store had surveillance cameras on their parking lot? I really didn’t lose too many groceries in the long run but I sure got some exercise taking off after that cart. Twice. And I left my hatchback open so I had to keep looking back at it hoping nobody took anything that was in it!


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