New Family Member

Unknown to me, but there will be a new member of our family moving in and taking up everyone’s attention. This is my human brother Royce and his fiancée Crystal when they first started to see each other. They have been together 7 years and living with my mommy and me all this time.

This is what they are bringing home in a day or so. Her name is Briley Rose and she is only a few hours old in this picture. What a pretty little thing.

But my mommy says she will cry louder than me for attention and I don’t know what I will do if she gets all the attentions!

I guess I will have to cuddle up with her warm little body and purr to make her stop crying. Do you think that will work?

Then my mommy might give all her good attentions to the baby!

Nah! My mommy loves me and she has room for us both. We can work together along with her mommy and daddy to make things easier. Right?

Luvz, Patzy


Author: Patzy and Miss Juliea

This is my life with my new sweetie pie of a tuxedo/tortie kittie named Patzy. (Short for Patches but with a Z to honor the cat who came before her, Izzy who was named after Izzy Stradlin from Guns N Roses. I named all my animals after 80’s rockstars back then.)

6 thoughts on “New Family Member”

  1. Charlee: “We’re sure you will still get lots of attention, Patzy!”
    Chaplin: “After all, babies may be cute and stuff, but there’s nothing like a cat!”
    Charlee: “Congratulations on your new family member!”


  2. Oh, sweetie, of course you’ll get all the attention you need from your mommy AND the baby. Baby’s are very talkative with kitties, I know, because I have three twofeet siblings. She’s adorable, very purritty, just like you and your beautiful collar. Concatulations to all of you on your new born and welcome to our planet, sweet littlegirl. Extra Pawkisses to all of you🐾😽💞


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