My Ripple Rug

I love to play in my Ripple RugThere are big hole and little holes. I can hide and peak back out again.See the notches around the holes? I can fit my hole body through the bigger ones.Here I am peaking out to see if anyone is watching me!

Happy Thursday everybody!

Playful Patzy


Wednesday wordless?

My mommy needs to study up and get more practice! She put a picture up on kinky tools for wordless Wednesday and we think she was supposed to post first? We are so confused. Can anyone give me the best you-tube or tutorial they found for help with this stuff? She’s done the Sunday Selfie before but forgot how she did it. Dumb luck I guess.

Here is a gratuitous picture of me to make up for her foibles. MOL

Sunday Pet News with Patzy

We all know that pets shed a lot. But in my mommy’s experience it seems that the doggie she had for over 10 years left more piles of hair around the house than when she had 7 cats! And even long haired cats did not shed as much as our old dog Buddy (may he Rest In Peace). He was a lab/shepherd mix who had tons of straight blonde fur all over the place and created massive dog hair dust bunnies!

Now there is a new option to control your dogs shedding and help relieve any anxieties they may have at the same time. You may have heard of thunder shirts to keep doggies calm during fireworks or even separation anxiety. This new product takes it one step further and combines both plus repels fleas and ticks. It is …. drumroll….. Doggie Leotards. Seriously, this is a real thing and is pretty hilarious to see. But, it might become a common site. Check it out:

I couldn’t get the photo bigger but isn’t he just so cute? Or so ridiculous. Oh, and you have to open up their Leotards when you are out so they can relieve themselves. Why not just put diapers on them since they are wearing their jammies?

But this just might be the answer to peeps who want spotless houses and pets too. What do you all think? Will cats in suits be next?

Luvs and lots of curiosity, Patzy and Miss Juliea

Second Sunday Selfies

My mommy is trying and she saved the last post but it disappeared. Funny thing is, she used to be a computer operator and trained to become a programmer. But today’s PC’s are a lot different than the old mainframe computers that businesses used to use. She is so old that she remembers punched cards you put into the machines and had to be kept in exact order! (Sorry mommy, I’m not trying to make you seem old and decrepit but you have some catching up to do- Luv ya, mommy)

Anyhow, here is my pics for today!These were taken from my mommy’s iPhone and emailed to herself because she had her iPad (which takes better pictures) in the case wrong. MOL, hahahaha, giggle. (Sorry again to laugh at you mommy, but it’s funny. It took you awhile to figure it out). Mommy forgives me because she actually likes to laugh at herself and the silly things she may do. She did learn how to add captions inside the photo today. That shows me she is still young at heart and willing to learn new things. 🎉🎊🙃

We all should remember that laughter is the best medicine. Plus if we never goof up and make mistakes that only means you didn’t try anything new. So here is to a year full of mistakes that we learn from! Luvs, Patzy and mommy

Safety first

Since this is the beginning of the year we wanted to remind everyone to chip their pets and register the microchips and keep them updated. It’s also a good idea to put a collar with a bell and I.d. And licenses on your pets. Not only for cats or dogs who spend time outdoors but in an emergency you can find your cat even in the house if they tend to hide in an emergency. Dogs will usually come to their owners but cats will hide.

( Patzy says: “you can’t catch me!” – But if I hear her bells, I probably can catch her to take in her Carrier to safety)

After the fires in California they are finding cats who survived and are struggling to find their owners. Cats are resilient and can revert to semi wild if they need to be but they really want to be back with their families.

Be prepared and have carriers, food, water and meds ready if you ever have to evacuate. This goes for those on the American East Coast who are facing freezing temperatures and likely power outages. Stay safe our friends!

Sunday Selfies and Happy New Year

We joined the Sunday Selfies from the Cat on my Head gang. Here is their badge to see all the entries:×300.jpg

Happy New Year everyone. It’s another sun-puddle day but a bit too busy for a picture day. And I don’t have much to say today which is odd because I talk a LOT! Non-stop mommy says. Haha, here I am talking about talking too much and I really have nothing to say except we are thankful for the blessings that 2017 brought us and am looking forward to 2018 for the good things to come?

2017 brought me to my new forever home and I am so grateful. I love my new mommy and my aunty Crystal who gives me treats and uncle Royce too. I am so much less fearful now than when I got here from the animal shelter. I think I may have been trapped in a cage or a box for a long time because I wouldn’t let anyone pick me up or hold me on their lap ever. And I don’t like to play in boxes. Even when there are spilled Temptation Treats at the bottom. I will never be trapped again!

But these last months I am braver and I cuddle next to mommy and lay next to her head or even on top of her while she is asleep and I purr and purr. At least I think she is asleep! But she might, just might, be smiling and pretending to be mostly asleep.

This is why I know that 2018 will be a better year than the last year. Hope and love will get us through anything. Happy New Year to you all and MWAH and Luv and good wishes to everyone. Patzy and Miss Juliea

Sunpuddle Saturday

After the brief snow we had over Christmas that was pretty but cold, we had a TON of rain. It was like God turned the faucet on and taking a long long shower. Nothing but gray skies and blah and rain. Of course that is what keeps the Northwest so green! But today the sun came out so I am calling it Sunpudde Saturday!See me playing with my green bug toy. I think it’s called a hex-bug but when mommy presses the magic button and it starts vibrating and running around I go crazee! See how crazee upside-downy I can get? I am a silly girl and love rolling around in mommy’s new rug, especially if toys are involved, but even if I don’t have a toy I still like to roll!Now I am rolling the other way. All the time I am staying in my Saturday Sunpuddle!

*** mommy says to not expect sunpuddles every Saturday but we will appreciate them while they are here! Luvs and mwah to all of you, Patzy