As I awoke from my curly toes nap I realized it was the day I have to do something very special for my Mommy!

I love my Mommy very much and she loves me too. So I had to get her something very important to both of us for many reasons. Can you guess what I got her?

That’s right! A brand new to us, used car! Isn’t it cute? And it gets almost 40 miles per gallon and she has to drive about 80 miles a day to her very important job. That means she is happy. Plus she says it is fun and loaded with personality. Not just a dull gray or black sedan. (I think she is a little bit of an exhibitionist and likes people to look at her. Mew mew. MOL)

So this way she saves money and enjoys the drive so she will be happy and not tired when she gets home. It is a 5-speed manual and she says it’s way more fun to drive than a boring automatic. She pays attention better when she has to concentrate on driving and it’s almost like playing a video game.

She calls it her little bumble bee 🐝 or maybe Sparky since it’s a newer Chevy Spark.

So even though she paid for it I feel like it’s my gift to her as I sat up for many nights with her while she reviewed all kinds of used cars on the internet (until her eyes were blurry) that she would be happy with. You could say that I was her Muse!

So Happy Mothers Day to all moms out there and their kids too. Did you know in some countries the kids get the gifts because they made the woman a mother by being borned? So the celebrate the kids too!



There I was just sleeping the morning away with all four of my toesies all curled up and my tail curled up around me.When I sensed something moving. Wha, wha what? Oh, it’s just you mommy. I’m off too slumberland again.Still curled up. Zzzzzzz puuurrrr puuurrrr

I visited the neighbors (at night)

I never go outside but last night mommy left the window open and there was a small slit at the corner of the screen. I soon had my nose through it and then I found myself on the ground outside! This window was pretty high up so I couldn’t get back in.

I yelled and meowed my loudest but nobody heard me. And I can yell pretty loud and non-stop sometimes. So I went walking to meow at other doors but it was in the wee hours of the morning and nobody answered any door.

Finally at mommy’s wake up to go potty time (5:30 AM) she woke up and came looking for me. First inside but when I didn’t answer (because I ALWAYS answer her with gusto) then she came outside with Aunty Crystal and a flashlight. When she called for me for about a minute she heard my bells and tags come tinkling down the street from about a block away. I had met a couple of young cats like me but they get to go outside at night. One was yellow and the other was a Calico kind of like me.

But when I heard mommy calling I ran straight for her. When I got near her though I was afraid again! My eyes opened real wide and I evaded both of them until they had me cornered in the neighbors back yard. Aunty Crystal picked me up by the scruff and handed me to mommy. Usually I struggle even when mommy picks me up, but I didn’t this time. I looked up at mommy and my look said “Thank you for rescuing me mommy. I was kinda having an adventure and it was kinda fun but I didn’t know how to get back home and in our house with you.”




My mommy hasn’t been up to snuff the past few weeks to post a new blog. Recognize one of these?And this too? My mommy was in the hospital for a couple of days (her 4th time in about 10 years) and now she has to lug around oxygen. The big machine keeps her tethered to the machine at home with about a 50 foot hose that I am always trying to play with. After all, when she walks by my it just taunts me and says to me “get the long snake, go on, catch it”. I just cannot resist it!Can you blame me? She is using that roll cart to bring 3 cylinders of oxygen to work each day but she is tired. She can’t stay at her desk all day so she has to either drag it with her to the printer/scanner many times a day or just keep taking it off and then back on again.

This keeps my playtime with her to a minimum. But I still play!We are still trying to read your blogs and comment some though. We miss you! Luvz, Patzy


For Easter my mommy wanted to dress me up a little so I said I would try to make her happy.How is this mommy? What? I don’t look happy on such a nice day?

Is this better? I look more interested anyway.This is my bestest pretty pose. It doesn’t get better than this one. Heh, heh…This how I really feel. Die, pretty bow, die!All deaded now. I can relax and go play.

Have a Happy Easter doing whatever you want to do. Luvz, Patzy

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Scary week for Miss Patzy

My mommy had been missing for 4 nights this week and I didn’t know where she went. Aunty Crystal fed me and tried to take care of me but I kept meowing wondering where my mommy was. She finally came home tonight and guess what. She was in the hospital with pneumonia! She is home now and boy am I crawling all over her head and purring,

She is on some noisy oxygen but I don’t mind. She will only be on it for a month or so and I am so glad shes home. And I know she’s happy to se me too. Luvz, Patzy

St Patrick’s Day

Did you know that Cats celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and the Irish celebrate Calico and Tortieseshell Cats because they bring good fortune to their owners and they are lucky? So we are celebrating Calico cats for St. Patrick’s Day. We don’t want to forget St. Patrick who saved the Irish from all those snakes and made way for Calico Kitties to hold a top spot for good luck! (Not above Leprechauns of course). We wouldn’t want to brag, we are just happy to be honored!

luvz, Patzy the Calico/Tortoiseshell/Tuxedo Kitty with Irish Green Eyes!