Mommy and me have a new fun thing to do! We like to go strollering around our neighborhood sidewalks and meet new kitties and people plus check out the diversity of the houses in our city neighborhood!

When mommy brings the stroller out, I don’t jump in though. I play the hide and seek game at first. But when mommy catches me and sets me in the stroller I sit patiently while she zips me in.

Then off we go, off of our front porch and down the sidewalks!

This is one of the cool painted house in our city!

And another cool house. Houses in the city sure aren’t boring beige. MOL!

I sure am interested in all the sites I see for an indoor kitty girl!

Mommy always try’s to talk to the outside neighborhood kitties and some of them come up to her. I was very interested to meet one (that wasn’t in our yard, that is) and sometimes one comes close to saying hi to me. I am hoping to get some pictures of that soon.

Enjoy your weekend friends and cheers to making some more friends along the way!!


My new favorite play place

It is the Bathtub!  Not with water (heaven forbid!) but with a loud plastic green ball


It is fast and fun and every time my mommy is in the bathroom and even when she’s not, I jump in and play!  Sometimes she bats the ball around for me and sometimes she is busy or not even there.

in the middle of the night she hears bwap! Bwap! Bwap! And dig, dig to get it out of the drain.  Then bwap! Bwap again.  I am having fun even when the humans are not paying attention to me!

i loves me new toy!

Luvz, Patzy

Finding more family members

I am a bit of a loner as an adult (but not too adult) girlie Calico/tuxedo cat. I like to be the boss. I did have a big old doggie, Buddy,who was a lab/Shepherd mix, about 65 pounds that I got along with great.

But my mommy’s last two previous cats – Pepper and Izzy died within a year of each other and Izzy died just a few months before mommy rescued me from the animal shelter. They were very loved cats and my mommy is nothing without a cat in her life. This below is Izzy who we think was poisoned by a Mothers Day bouquet given to mommy that had Lilly’s in it. Or he could have been poisoned by other means such as pesticides, etc. this is why our kitties will be only indoor and leash kitties outside from now on.

This is Buddy and Izzy waiting for mommy to come home from a vacation. Don’t worry because Buddy is on his leash so he won’t run off. And Izzy always stayed close to home.

So now we come down to new playmates for me, Patzy!

Aren’t they all so cute and lovable looking?

Mommy says only two new kitties. I am both excited and afraid. Those above are some of the cutest available but there are plenty more at the Oregon Humane Association right now. Plus Multnomah County Animal Control has plenty of litters to choose from.

One kitty is a lonely kitty. Help find your local shelters new homes for their abundance of kittens this season. Plus there are plenty of older cats who need homes also, and it’s no fault of their own that they were abandoned or turned in to the animal shelter.

Luvz, Patzy

Rescuing Strays

My mommy had previous outdoor cats who would bring home their friends that needed a home and even sometimes their friends who had a good home at the neighbors but they just wanted to hang out!

She has also brought home friendly strays that hung around her work. One that she rescued was a male Siamese. Very friendly and older. Didn’t have many teeth left. Mommy got him neutered and he got along with her other three cats ok while she kept him inside for a few weeks while he got used to his new surroundings. He never fought the others and was sweet as can be. She named him Guido (old Saturday Night Live – Father Guido Sarducci skits).

When he seemed like he was adjusted to our home, she let him out. All the cats were indoor/outdoor cats (except they had to come in at night!). Our neighbor across the street had 9 Siamese cats and Guido hung out mostly at their house. I told the neighbor that if she wanted to keep him it was ok because he seemed happier with his own kind.

She kept him for many years and I would walk our dog every day and call to him outside their house and he would always come and greet us. He had no fear of our dog and I think he lived with dogs before. I was happy I found a good home where he was happy. Nobody can tell me that breeds don’t recognize and bond with others of the same breed or coloring. I see it all the time between same breeds of dogs or coloring such as Tuxedo Cats or Tabbies.


Mommy tells me that usually we have a lot of booms and fireworks in our city neighborhood this time of year. But so far we haven’t heard any! The neighborhood is changing and there are fewer older kids around and more little kids with their families. Maybe tonight we will hear and see some. Mommy will sit with me tonight to watch out the front window. I don’t really know what to expect since I wasn’t borned yet last July 4th. So for now I am just taking it easy.

I will check things out as they happen or if they happen.

Until then it is a perfect day to nap. We will see what happens when it gets dark!

Happy Birthday America!

Luvz, Patzy

Wondering about changes

Hi everyone! Patzy here. My mommy thinks I need a companion because she works too much (and has been proven by the lack of posts she has helped me with lately)!

For one thing she is not sure if I end a little sister to train or a little brother to train? Or even an older brother to calm me down?

In her experience, girls do not always get along. But also boys get along best with boys.

Then there is breeds or looks. Most peeps don’t agree with mommy but she thinks their patterns and hair length have a lot of bearing on their personalities.

One example, When she brought in a stray Siamese from work and she had tabbies and black cats (total of 6) the Siamese decided to move to the house across the street that had 9 Siamese cats. We thinks that tells us that even cats, like people, Ike to be with others who are close to the same. We had Guido the Siamese for about a month keeping him strictly inside and neutering him, when later mommy got the call from the neighbor lady that Guido was there. He had a name tag and collar which mommy always put on her cats – both indoor and outdoor! This is very important. Since she didn’t mind one more cat and mommy was glad she rescued him from a busy street, it was all good. Mommy still said hello to Guido when she walked past with her dog Buddy and Guido would always come running for petting. He knew her but he was happier there and that’s ok.

Also, When I watch cat videos with my mommy I react more to cats who look like with the tuxedo face. I don’t spend a lot of time in the mirror but I recognize cats who look like me. And my mommy thinks that tuxedo cats – Black or gray have a distinct set of personality traits including mischievous, playful, smart and like games like fetch and they will usually wrap their arms around your neck with purrs.

But Patzy is also a tortoiseshell so she has some traits like being loud and demanding which tuxedos normally don’t have.

So mommy is also thinking an orange/gold/yellow tabby or tuxedo since she has some of those markings on her and those type of cats are 99% male and are very Mello. As well as Tuxedo cats. Look at Marley at Marks Mews who gets along perfectly with Iza and Ayla the Siamese.

That’s not the only example. We are also thinking about not just black or orange cats.

What breed/coloration do you think would go well with a tortoiseshell/Black Tuxedo cat? Mommy is looking for personality wise and maybe a title bit looks. But she is more worried about who I would like.

Animal shelters around her are great but don’t have meeting rooms for cats. Only dogs. Although it can take awhile for cats to accept each other

Luvz, Patzy

Mommy’s new car

We have had a rough week here! Mommy loves her new car and after driving it to work and back for a little over a week she got rear-ended on her way to work! She was so upset that she was crying and saying “why cant I keep a new car nice, ever?”. Of course this was not her fault as she was waiting patiently behind a car turning left (instead of breaking the law and going around them on the right shoulder)!

The giant Ford F-250 (towing a trailer of tires) was trying to stop but we thinks the trailer didn’t have working brakes and pushed him into our car.

Here is the damage to her car.

It’s not too bad but we are lucky that she had added it to her insurance policy the day before. Plus the truck was trying to stop and mommy pushed on her brakes real hard so she wouldn’t hit the car in front of her. She knew that would mean it would be totaled and we spent many days and nights online looking for a car she would really like! And the guy that hit her was insured and super-nice and even hugged her to calm her down as she was shaking with adrenaline. He also called her an hour or so later to see if she was alright. P.s. Mommy checked to see if he had a wedding ring on his finger because he was so nice and darn it he did. No romance today. Although it can pop up unexpectedly for older gals like Mommy!

Have a great weekend everybody! We will get this worked out ok! Luvz, Patzy


As I awoke from my curly toes nap I realized it was the day I have to do something very special for my Mommy!

I love my Mommy very much and she loves me too. So I had to get her something very important to both of us for many reasons. Can you guess what I got her?

That’s right! A brand new to us, used car! Isn’t it cute? And it gets almost 40 miles per gallon and she has to drive about 80 miles a day to her very important job. That means she is happy. Plus she says it is fun and loaded with personality. Not just a dull gray or black sedan. (I think she is a little bit of an exhibitionist and likes people to look at her. Mew mew. MOL)

So this way she saves money and enjoys the drive so she will be happy and not tired when she gets home. It is a 5-speed manual and she says it’s way more fun to drive than a boring automatic. She pays attention better when she has to concentrate on driving and it’s almost like playing a video game.

She calls it her little bumble bee 🐝 or maybe Sparky since it’s a newer Chevy Spark.

So even though she paid for it I feel like it’s my gift to her as I sat up for many nights with her while she reviewed all kinds of used cars on the internet (until her eyes were blurry) that she would be happy with. You could say that I was her Muse!

So Happy Mothers Day to all moms out there and their kids too. Did you know in some countries the kids get the gifts because they made the woman a mother by being borned? So the celebrate the kids too!


There I was just sleeping the morning away with all four of my toesies all curled up and my tail curled up around me.When I sensed something moving. Wha, wha what? Oh, it’s just you mommy. I’m off too slumberland again.Still curled up. Zzzzzzz puuurrrr puuurrrr

I visited the neighbors (at night)

I never go outside but last night mommy left the window open and there was a small slit at the corner of the screen. I soon had my nose through it and then I found myself on the ground outside! This window was pretty high up so I couldn’t get back in.

I yelled and meowed my loudest but nobody heard me. And I can yell pretty loud and non-stop sometimes. So I went walking to meow at other doors but it was in the wee hours of the morning and nobody answered any door.

Finally at mommy’s wake up to go potty time (5:30 AM) she woke up and came looking for me. First inside but when I didn’t answer (because I ALWAYS answer her with gusto) then she came outside with Aunty Crystal and a flashlight. When she called for me for about a minute she heard my bells and tags come tinkling down the street from about a block away. I had met a couple of young cats like me but they get to go outside at night. One was yellow and the other was a Calico kind of like me.

But when I heard mommy calling I ran straight for her. When I got near her though I was afraid again! My eyes opened real wide and I evaded both of them until they had me cornered in the neighbors back yard. Aunty Crystal picked me up by the scruff and handed me to mommy. Usually I struggle even when mommy picks me up, but I didn’t this time. I looked up at mommy and my look said “Thank you for rescuing me mommy. I was kinda having an adventure and it was kinda fun but I didn’t know how to get back home and in our house with you.”