Watching cartoons

I like watching cartoons and videos on my mommy’s ipad. I paw at the screen and try to interact with the animals placeholder://

on there. Even the cartoon drawings! Here is a video of me watching “Simon’s Cat”. Do any of you like watching videos or TV?placeholder://l

I’m not sure the video worked since i tried to link it from my phone but the picture shows clearly how much I like our short video sessions with mommy


My Halloweenie house

In playing with my new blog and in my inexperienced newbie way, I may have deleted the picture of our outside of our home from our earlier post. So here it is again. Gaaaa. I wish I would be better at this but you gotta start somewhere, right? And another view. Aunty Crystal likes to decorate to the max!And here’s me with a new toy. It’s a rug with holes that you can stick all kinds of crazy ways on top of another rug. I can climb through it, reach through it, scratch at it and it is great fun. It’s called a Ripple Rug and mommy says it is earth friendly because it is made from recycled plastic bottles. 24 of them for each rug! It doesn’t feel like plastic to me though. It just feels like a sturdy rug that I can scratch on and it is easy to clean so I can’t hurt it in any way. Yay! I really like to hide in it and reach my paws out. It would be a great play area for a pair of kitty friends to play in. Love ya, Patzy

Purrparing for Halloween

This is our house that Aunty Crystal decorated. She over decorates for every holiday and especially for this one. So my view out the living room window is lots of scary skeletons and ghosts and spiders webs. I would like the spider webs if I could go outside and catch real spiders but I can only observe (and they aren’t real any way).This is my view from the nice big living room window which mommy opens the shades every day for me. I like hanging out on the back of the recliner and watching squirrels, birdies and other animals walk by. Look at all those ghosts. And no, I am not running away from the view. MOL. I just wanted to get closer to my mommy.


Maybe I might get dressed up for Halloween too! My mommy has now picked me up a few times without me hollering at her. We will see if she can put a costume on me though.

Love ya, Patzy

Sad day for us today

Today is a sad day as mommy had to take our old doggie to cross the bridge. He was a good old dog, our Buddy. A kind and friendly dog to everyone, cats, peeps and other dogs. Even mommy’s pet rat she had a few years ago. She used to walk Buddy with Izzy and Pepper (both kitties who went over the bridge a while ago) and Phoenix the rat would ride on her shoulder. They got a lot of looks by neighbors. Kids thought it was cool though. The whole menagerie got along great.

I was a little afraid of Buddy at first but he just ignored me. Maybe he would have liked me better if I went for walks too but mommy says I am to be an indoor kitty. We might try a harness for walkies or maybe a stroller too so I can go outside. She’s thinking about building me a catio also next spring. That would be awesome cool.

But today we are sad that Buddy is not with us, but we are also glad he is no longer in pain. His legs and hips gave out and he couldn’t walk. This is fairly common in lab/shepherds. This is a picture of Buddy and Izzy when mommy went to Hawaii last year for 9 whole days with her mommy and her brother and his wife. She loved it there but hated the plane ride. My aunty Crystal took this picture and said they were wondering where she was and looking for her. They were great friends.

Anyway, hooray for the rainbow bridge where everyone can be free of pain and watch over those of us still here on earth. We are hoping to meet again some day.


I am a new Purrincess at my new forever home after living on the streets for my short life so far until I got caught in a trap and brought to the local animal shelter. I was so scairt! I won’t let anybody pick me up or hold me because I don’t want to feel trapped again. But I’m still super lovable! I roll on my back and like my chest and belly rubbed and will even hold hands with you. But I will slap you (without claws) if you try to pick me up.

My mommy says that can be a good thing as that means nobody can catnap me!

Patzy’s new home

I was scared of everything at the local animal shelter in Troutdale, Oregon just east of Portland, Oregon. The people at the shelter said I was afraid of feet. It turns out that I just wanted the peeps around me not to step on me since I was way down there and I wanted them to listen to me. Maybe I was kicked around or stepped on before but since I can’t speak peep-talk I don’t know how to tell you what happened before.

My new mommy saw me on a Saturday and knew I was the one for her. I knew she was the one for me also. She was about 10 minutes too late to adopt me that day and I was hoping she would be back in the morning and she was. YAY! I now had me new mommy and most importantly a new HOME.

I came to live in my new home on July 16, 2017. The reason my name is spelled with a Z is in honor of my angel brother Izzy who crossed over the rainbow bridge on May 25, 2017 which would have been my mommy’s human dad’s 81st Birthday. He crossed over on 02/10/17. It has been a tough year for my mommy.

But today, October 21, 2017 I can honestly say that I am the light of my mommy’s life. I run to greet her when she comes home from work and never leave her side for the rest of the evening. I sleep curled up next to her after a couple of months of keeping my distance ( I was sleeping on her bed but kept my distance of about 12” away from her. Now I am right against her and I let her drape her arm over me.). I let her KISS my belly with no claws when before just her hand would cause me to bite and bunny kick her. She holds and manipulates my paws and I don’t scratch. We trust each other now and it’s all due to communication and giving me toys to kick instead of her. And the toys are more fun anyway.

I am happy in my new home. I love my mommy but I still yell at her when I want something she is having. Especially cheese! I love cheese and when that big white box is opened I always expect to get something mommy is having and she usually shares a bit.


First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

My mommy has been reading pet blogs for many years and when I moved in with her I told her LETS DO THIS!  We aren’t that experienced in much except writing and commenting so far but we have learned a lot in the last couple of months.

We are doing this just for fun and will post a couple of times a week or whenever we have something we want to say